Bizarre! [Story]

            The little Sara sees a nightmare every night! Once it is over, she opens her eyes a little and looks for her mother Daisy. With half-closed eyes Sara embraces her as if she were never to leave her mother!

            Undoubtedly, panic seizes her every time she sees the nightmare. It has been appearing before her like hell since she was four. Daisy and her husband Jack have already consulted with so many doctors and psychiatrists but nothing has been fruitful.

            The stubborn nightmare appears again and again like someone suffering from acne! Even though Sara has become somewhat accustomed to it, yet the dream is so horrific that she cannot sleep for the rest of the night. She feels that if she sleeps again, then the nightmare will become true and she will die.

            The strange thing is that Sara has never told anyone what she sees or experiences in the nightmare! Neither the doctors have any idea. The parents along with the doctors have insisted her to tell about the events in the dream but Sara simply says that she forgets everything once she opens her eyes up.

            In fact, this is not true. Sara intentionally conceals the matter from everyone and there is a reason behind it. Sara sees that she has reached a high mountain with her parents. There is only one banyan tree in that mountain under which an ugly looking old lady sits. Her posture is like that of a yogi. She is naked; there is no piece of cloth on her body. Sara looks at the old woman; the old woman smiles but something comes out of her eyes- she notices that it is blood! Sara stares at her as if she were watching circus! The hair of the old lady is all white like the cloud of the summer season. Another interesting fact is that her hair is so long that it has flowed like a river! Sara endeavours to find the finishing point of the hair but fails. Like a snake, the hair extends beyond the horizon!

            All of a sudden, Sara looks at her mom but sees a skeleton is there. When she moves her eyes towards her dad, she finds that he has also turned into a skeleton. Now, Sara holds two skeletons with her hands!

            After that the weird old lady disappears like the fog. It is at that very moment when Sara cannot help waking up. Once Sara goes to a picnic organized by her school. The students are supposed to return home by evening. Her parents do not hesitate to send her to enjoy the picnic since there are teachers with the students acting as guides.

            However, the students reach the place called Liev. The place is alive with scenic beauty. There are sky kissing mountains, beautiful lake, and a wonderful fountain. In a word, there is a heavenly feeling prevailing all around that place.      

            Sara is extremely joyous as soon as she reaches the place. She looks about the place. The most fascinating thing to Sara is the fountain. She has never seen such an amazing fountain before!

            All the students are instructed not to go beyond the mentioned sphere. Sara is walking with Jessica; suddenly Jessica says that she has to go back to drink water. Sara tells her to return soon since she is alone. She waits for Jessica for about ten minutes but there is no sign of her.  

            Now, Sara decides to return to the place where all the other students are playing together. The moment she makes a few steps to that direction, she hears a sound. She sees back but finds no one there. Then Sara steps forward but the sound is heard again. Now, she stops for a minute to make sure if there is any student hiding somewhere and scaring her or not! She hears the sound again; now, it is clearer than before!

            Undoubtedly, Sara is a bit afraid but she wants to take the challenge. She wants to find out what exactly is going on! She moves towards the direction where the sound has come from. The closer she goes, the clearer the sound becomes. Strangely enough Sara realises that the sound is made not by a student but by some old woman!

            The thought of the old woman has taken Sara back to her nightmare and the old, ugly woman there. A strange, cold feeling passes through her veins; everything appears hazy to her; she starts sweating as well; the worst of it all is that her throat is dry like a desert; she needs to drink water quickly; she feels like fainting.

            Sara makes every step stealthily now. She makes sure that the dry leaves below her shoes must not make any sound. She has reached that particular place that the sound is coming from. There is a little bush that is acting as a divider. She knows that if she moves the bush and sees forward, then the mystery behind the sound will be revealed.

            Sara’s hands are shivering as if she were suffering from cold! She gains courage and goes for it; she moves the bush a little and to her surprise sees that very ugly, old woman who appears in her dream every night! She faints.

            Now, Sara is hospitalised; she is in coma to be precise. The doctors do not know when she will be normal again. They do not have any idea about the reason behind her fainting either!   

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