The word Kurine means,

Poems of twenty lines,

A form of poetry,

Invented by me.


Before writing poetry,

I thought of inventing a style aptly,

That with my name shall be,

Like a shadow constantly.


Whatever the thought is,

I just endeavour and seize,

To translate,

It into words to create.


My heart dances in ecstasy,

Whenever I see,

The readers speak well of,

The poems and love.


Pray for my kurine to scatter,


Pray for it to be immortal,

To be cherished by all.          

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Bangla wordকুড়ি [transliteration- ‘kuri’] means 'twenty' in English and I have added 'ne' from the word 'line'. Hence, the word "Kurine" is born, which means 'poems of twenty lines'. To be frank, I tend to generate novelty here.

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