Old Age Home

They aren’t defeated by time’s cruel thrash,

But by their children,

Who have thrown them out,

Like trash.


Old age home is the place,

The aged parents shall stay,

Until Azrael visits them,

Stealing away their lives leaving no trace!


It’s a place they call home scarcely,

They’ve got,

What they don’t deserve the least,

The children like Goneril and Regan behaved heartlessly.


As life was enjoyed by the Greco Kings,

So do the children now,

The aged souls shed tears,

None to them happiness brings.


The parents that have reared them up,

Have turned into outcasts,

In their eyes,


Oh God! When will the offspring literally grow up?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the 7th line, Azrael is the angel of death in Islam.

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