The Surma River

Oh! How gracefully you flow!

You must know,

That you’re and were the beloved,

Of numerous alive and departed.


You’re not a river,

But a living nectar,

Of mind and essence; to me you bring smile,

You are the Thames and the Nile .


Many a time tenderly I did gaze,

At your curves as if girl of village,

Was on the move with a pitcher,

Giving birth to beauty and letting it scatter.


How can I not remember,

The lovebirds’ elation once seeing you together?

Watching your ripples dance,

And the crazy whirling wasting no chance.


Like the hectic time you flow,

Yet ceaselessly you glow

As the sacred cascade,

Keeping secrets in the breast long unsaid.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sylhet stands on the banks of the beautiful Surma river.

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