This is How I Am!

This is how I am I tell thee,

If you have eyes, real ones,

You can clearly see,

What in my veins runs!


I love to be myself, it actually shows,

Feel glad bringing smile on someone’s face,

And I never hesitate to do what I feel treasured, my heart knows,

But the masked faces are there to stop my chase.


As a boat slowly distances from the shore,

At times I lose my loved ones in following the dream,    

But there is light on the other side of the tunnel for sure,

There always was and will undoubtedly be, it won’t be dim.


This is how I am,

If you have a problem with me,

Just let me know, don’t spread rumours among them,

If you want my friendship I’ll come with a heart of sea.


Let’s work together,

This is what we should do avoiding sham,

With all joy and laughter,

This is how I exactly feel, this is the way I really am.