I Miss You Much When It Rains

I miss you much when it rains,

The water I do believe washes away all my pains,

I miss the sudden cold spray of tiny drops against your rosy cheeks,

While travelling on a rickshaw together for weeks.


I miss the moments when you smile,

Seeing the mountains kissing the clouds in style,

How can I not miss the split second of saying ‘goodbye’?

Leaving your hands momentarily, letting you cry.


I miss you each and every second,

Tell me when will this journey of missing end?   






Author's Notes/Comments: 

Before penning this poem, I thought about the grudge or sadness of the failed lovers. But, if we go deeper, another meaning surfaces. In other words, it has the touch of 'pessoptimism' (pessimism+optimism), a term coined by Emile Habibi. The last two lines indicate that both the lovers and the beloved are in love and are waiting to marry soon. The second interpretation represents that the lover is deeply frustrated now (as she has stopped all sorts of communication) and keeps thinking about the magical moments that he passed with the beloved long ago.



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