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"Science can't prove everything! Say, a scientist saw a fish splashing in the pond. On the next day he shared it with someone. But, the listener wanted proof. How would the scientist prove that he was speaking the truth?"   


- King of Words

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes, it's very usual for a fish to splash. Let's assume- What if someone wants proof? The answer is- the scientist can never prove it! Then the scientist can tell the listener, "Believe me! I am speaking the truth! I really saw a fish splashing in the water yesterday!" Now, it's the listener's choice- he can either believe or disbelieve the scientist! If he disbelieves and insists on providing the proof, the scientist cannot do that because whatever he saw cannot be recreated exactly the way it happened. Yes, what he saw is in his memory but he is unable to prove!  

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