A Wonderful Writer [Story]

          Mr. Joy has been writing for the last thirty years. He has already won some national awards for which he is so delighted. However, what gives him more happiness and satisfaction is the love of the readers especially on the social media like Facebook and Twitter.

            Sometimes, Mr. Joy shares his writing on Facebook and Twitter. In fact, he prefers the former more than the latter. The pieces of writing that he does share are- poetry, stories, essays and so on. The moment a reader comments on any of his writing makes him exceedingly cheerful. Being a gentleman, Mr. Joy also replies to each of the comments made by the readers.

            Writing is like oxygen to Mr. Joy; he believes that he cannot live even for a day without writing. He does not write for any prizes or money; he writes to hide his pain. Sometimes, he thinks that he could have gone by now if he did not start writing!

            Mr. Joy was madly in love with Sukhi. His life was like the paradise when he married her. Alas! with the passage of time, the same marital bond turned into a nightmare to him. The circumstances led him to go for a divorce.

Now, Mr. Joy has found another reliable wife, which is ‘writing’! Certainly, as medicine heals the wounds, his writing has healed his inner injuries, has worked as a shield; but he still misses his cute daughter Tarin.  

            Mr. Joy’s sole intention and dream is to change the world, to turn it into a better place through his writing and doing good works for the sake of humanity. He knows it well that human life is as transitory as the life of a flower. That is why, he has learnt to shun all the greediness and selfishness like the sages and has dedicated himself to the welfare of the humanity in general.

            Mr. Joy wants to contribute more and more to the society. But, there is a problem; he is not rich enough to help the poor, to construct a school for the destitute children in the village, to feed the hungry and ill kids who lie beside the roads every night with the sky as the roof!

         Sometimes, Mr. Joy pensively thinks like Gautama Buddha; numerous people have much money but they do not have the hearts to help the needy ones whereas numerous people have the hearts but do not have the money to make others smile! Such is the strange and mysterious scheme of the CREATOR!

            One day Mr. Joy’s phone keeps on ringing; he rushes to the phone from the washroom. He holds the phone and looks at the screen. He is taken aback especially looking at the number. The number is international. Anyway, he answers the call saying,

- Hello! Joy speaking!

- This is Ryan Ralph from Sweden.

- Alright, what can I do for you Mr. Ralph?

- Well, I am extremely delighted to inform you that you have been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature this year! Congratulations!

            Listening to these final words, Mr. Joy trembles like a leaf and loses the grip of the phone. The phone is on the floor now; it is not a complete phone since each part is separated. It hits the floor so hard that all its parts are shattered!

            Mr. Joy reorganises each part and tries to call back but cannot reach the caller anymore. For a second, he thinks that it must be a joke or he must be asleep and seeing dreams!

            Mr. Ralph calls for the second time and informs Mr. Joy about the procedures of receiving the respectable award in due moment. After finishing up the conversation, Mr. Joy cannot believe that he is going to become the recipient of the first winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature! What a moment! What an honour!

            Now, Mr. Joy’s joy knows no bound! He feels like flying like a bird in the sky! He also feels that he is the invincible King in the world! He can do so many good activities for his country and for the world. He thanks God from the bottom of his heart for such glory!

            After receiving the Nobel Prize, Mr. Joy has been spending the prize-money all around the world for the betterment of the deprived communities and to remove poverty.  

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