Do not FALL in Love, RISE in Love!

Unrhymed Poetenry

Don’t let yourself FALL in the sort of love,

That suffocates your self-esteem,

Rise in love!

Flourish and let her bloom as a flower!


If the love-affair poisons you,

Like the bite of a rattle snake,

Stay far away from it,

It’s not a relationship rather a cancer!


Learn to love like Mother Nature!


Learn to spread joy, learn to RISE!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If the lover and the beloved or the husband and the wife insult each other; if one doubts the other; if self-respect is damaged, then we can call it a 'fall'. If the lover or the beloved or both 'fall' in love, then it is unexpected. If there is true love, mutual respect, understanding and trust, then we can say that it is a 'rise' in love! So, rise in love! Smile 

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