My First Love [Poestory: Poetry + Story]

I was in class five, 

When I fell in love with a girl, 

So beautiful she was, so charming, 

I'd just look at her and in the dreamy world dive.


Something was hypnotic about her, 

That kept me dragging, 

But the villains had their presence too and kept trying, 

To stop me from stealing her heart and being the winner.


Perhaps she knew about my feelings for her, 

Perhaps not, 

Yet so glad I was to attend the classes to see her once, 

No matter how enjoyable or boring the classes were! 


Each night I'd be Hamlet and like Macbeth would decide, 

That the next day I would talk to her, 

Even though I didn't have anything important to say, 

Still I wanted to listen to her voice aside.


As is seen in films the giant-like villain appeared ahead, 

Threatening me to shun her from then on, 

Rather slender I was, but not a coward, 

I hit him, his left eye changed colour and turned red!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Definition of Poestory [Poetry + Story]:


1. A new type of writing that is created by Md. Ziaul Haque. It is a story that has both the qualities of poetry and prose. The first part starts with poetry and the writing ends with prose. In Bangla it is called 'গল্পিতা' [কবিতা + গল্প].



2. It also means a poem that tells a story. In other words, it is a poem where a story is told in a poetic way.  

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