Paul and Apollos met,

Mates of divine wit,

Called and sent forth,

To fill and dominate the earth.

Paul and Apollo in the field,

Preaching in the bed of Roses,

Lost in the lust for love,

Satisfying one another.

Paul plants the seed,

Seeds from his loins,

Speeding like tadpoles,

Resting in Apollos juicy waters.

Apollos waters the seed,

Absolving and lubricating it,

Leading it to the implant,

Growing it in the amniotic sac.

Paul planted it,

Apollos watered it,

God gave it increase,

And another convert emerged.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Conceptions and the birth of every individual is a divine process. But man and woman, missionaries by calling, have their part to place

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