The past belongs behind, but I never listen

Walking behind you,

You lead and I follow.

You don't know where you're going,

But that's OK-- neither do I,

And I'm not worried where the road will take us

As long as I can be with you,

Closing the distance gradually,

Synchronicity in our steps,

The past several paces behind you,

The times we were together still before me,

Where I walk with hope and reservation,

Because I can't put them behind,

And I don't want to--

If they're still there before me, though they have ended,

Who knows when I'll run into them again

With a new vision that maybe you can share.

I was just hoping that you would care.

The past belongs behind, so I've been told,

But these memories are fresh and they'll never grow old,

But I never listen to what others say is best.

I've given you all you'd take,

Time alone will be the test.

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