Master of My Emotions

I come with no strings attached,

But you can still make me your little coquette

I'll flounce in front of a pastoral painted set

I'll frolic and flirt like a marionette,

But that isn't what you want, now is it?

I'm only of worth when you're needing a visit

You cruel, cruel master of my emotions,

You could not be more heedless of my devotions

I'd say you're my elixir, you're feeding me potions,

Though I know better than this;

All my charms you resist

And you berate your poor doll

Every time you kick her, she'll fall,

And that is not what you want,

Some girl you can kick around and taunt,

Though at the very most she provides

A buffer between the love for someone else your heart hides.

You'll tease me back as long as I'm there,

But if I were gone, you'd haven't a care.

Magician of my mind and master of my emotions,

I think I now find these tricks of yours are all my own notions.

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