Madness in me

You incite madness in me,

A curse you cannot fix,

A spell that can't be broken

That my silence contradicts

Your words that once would tease

Have now begun to bruise

The kiss that would come with ease

Is the last thing I could lose.

You're a god in your own right,

An Adonis or Achilles

You could have any woman you want

But she wouldn't bring you to your knees.

You are an amphibious Narcissus

Who won't drown in your own image,

But you lure so many sprites

To watery death in your false visage.

You incite madness in me

And you won't let go because you're never through

Your abuse of power is disconcerting

Because you know not what you do,

But then a girl like me confesses her infatuation,

And you milk it for all its worth

With no intention of ceasing her inebriation.

Do you know I love you?

Do you know you're everything I've ever wanted.

I'd like to think you're unaware

Of all the poor wretched souls you've haunted.

Is it your being wilful or is it just your power

That never wanes, but increases by the hour?

Whatever happened to the stars in the sky,

Have they been scorched by your rays on high?

Do you not realize that the reason they're all gone

Could be because of your proud fire so strong?

I don't know if I deserve you,

You're so bad you're too good.

I don't know if we're equals in sin,

But if anyone could outdo you, I could, and I'd win.

Your icy gaze sets me on fire,

If I'm fire, you're ice,

If you're ice then I'm fire

My flame makes you ever colder,

We both know it feels nice.

Whoever said you fight fire with fire

Has no comprehension of the burning freeze of my desire.

We'll play amid the sun and moon and stars

Until heaven sends us in exile

And then down to the depths of fire and ice we will go

Where we'll stay for a little while.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The inconsistency of my symbolism is meant to cause confusion and suggest a trajectory of endless transformation.

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