Heaven of Hell

Send me down to the Heaven of Hell

I've lost my senses as far as I can tell

Give me order and structure of thought

Substance to my style of all else is naught

Or I'll descend, but not of my own accord

To the depths of Hades

Where Reason is teacher and lord

I've had enough of pleasant, loosely strung verse

I can spill out a song without having to rehearse,

But I'm far too undisciplined in the way of the mind

Though my spirit is overflowing, my heart is kind

I need to become a pupil of the light

I've seen too many sunsets and an eternal night

Where the only thing lucid is the star in the sky

And though in darkness I relish, lovely though it may be,

The greatest star of all is the one star I cannot see

So lead me to the golden-maned Apollo

In whose law I can abide and whose teachings I can follow

Or send me like Persephone away from the light

If this be my sentence, I shall put up no fight,

But find me a place wherein I can belong

Away from this meadow haunted by song

And Pan carelessly cavorting in music and myth

I wouldn't have minded staying here, but that was only if

I was given a space to stay and be free

That was before I realized such things come with a fee

A fee I can't pay with my jack of all trades and master of none

Everyone has a vocation and it's never just having fun

So take me down to the Heaven in Hell,

Where I can learn the dark arts of reason and thus break the spell.

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