Make me cry

Make me cry.

It feels good to hurt, especially when it’s over you,

Even more so when it is you who is inflicting the pain

Sending it straight to where it hurts the most.

I am honored to have even known you

You are every bit the match of me,

And just more powerful enough so as to

Challenge me to be even more of what I am,

To access what’s in store,

But in your presence I am nothing,

And I no longer want to be anything more

Than your humble servant and plaything.

As I am now far from you

I want to be loved by no other,

But I’ll settle for anything but apathy,

Hoping that maybe you want to hurt me, anything but ignore me.

I only exist for you, my love, I only exist for you.

This tortured madness is true, my love,

And I only have eyes for you.

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