A quiet mind

I would like to have a quiet mind

Wherein some semblance of order I can find

I shall miss the clamor that I found inside

But it will do me well when these confusions subside

There shall be some structure to my errant verse

I shall bring ideas to the surface when I converse

And they will stand well on their own

My argument will be greater when its not alone

And by reasoning will I my beliefs condone.

I would like to experience the stillness of

A complex mind tempered by love

To abate the chaos of lusts unfulfilled

And make a reality of all the things I have willed

I would see the light and it would not blind me

I'd no longer be a creature of the brine-sea

My subconcsious desires would be duly quelled

Anything unexplained will be captured and shelled

And a peace will settle where emotion once welled

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