An Artist's Duty

They say artists create

Imitations of life,

Art imitates life,

Or sometimes vice versa,

But I say they are the world’s

Best critics . . .

Think about it

If only more poets





Would shine some light

On what they see,

Because they don’t see

Like other people do,

And their perspective

Is valuable, poignant

And palpable.

They truly see in every

Way possible and then some,

Because we cannot truly see

Until we see the problem.

Only then can we see

What goodness is

And plant its seeds,

Not just watching them grow,

But nurturing them under the

Sunlight of Knowledge,

Harsh and judging,

Measuring every move of

Every being

By some unknowable standard,

And the Rain of Compassion

That waters with tears,

Cool and cleansing,

Knowing they know nothing

Except what is in the heart.

The truth is known by love.

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