Too Lovely But For A Dream

You are too lovely to be true

I owe my life to you

Or at least an ample portion

Of what I have come to.

Not to say it is great

Or even anywhere close,

But having you in my life

Is what I’m obliged the most.

This is just a silly rhyme

Meant mostly to kill the time

For anytime not spent with you

Is more worthless than anything I can do.

If you will be in my life

It would be the best to me

If you would just be my wife

Or let me serve you alone in humility

Then I would have little

Of which to ask for

I would have much of my life in store

I’d say you’re nothing short of a god

Whom I worship and adore,

But my saying such pathetic things

Just slams another door.

Obsession is not becoming

One cannot wear it like a crown.

It is instead the diadem of wishful stone

That crushes the skull and weighs one down.

You have learned this lesson the hard way

When you were once enamored as well

With another whose praise and beauty

I am sure you would still gladly tell.

It has been a long almost-year now

Since I met you for the first time before,

But you are the type that can’t get enough

And leaves everyone else wanting more.

How can I go another day without seeing you again?

It’s next and near to impossible,

But I’ll be happy until then

If I can dream of you and spend just a moment of my day

In quiescence and in reverie until you

Once more come my way.

I know that when you come again

It will not be the same for you as it is for me,

But I just want your guarantee

That you will let me keep on dreaming

And speak no word of what in my eyes you see.

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