Sloth is a gift, not a vice.

With sleep's sweet opiate it will

To the tired, the wandering entice,

And you will be in bliss for however long

You choose to listen to its lullaby-song.

It is not a matter of must when you give into sleep,

After all, what you find in your dreams

Is the only thing you can keep.

So why not sleep?  Why not slumber and float away?

With sleep comes the illusion of night-

Welcome respite from the day.

Is there not merit in peaceful repose

Over all the strain and agony

That your waking life will propose?

Sleep is a charm to chase away pain,

A safeguard against burn-out,

Cleansing as a summer rain,

And how much better will things turn out

If one more hour of sleep I gain!

The world doesn't need me, so why am I here?

My ineffect on this planet

Causes less harm than it would appear.

At least when I'm sleeping, I can make no mistake;

The only error on my part

Is not being awake.

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