A Statement

Why do I feel this way?

I should be happier than before.

I should be ashamed to ask for more

When all is coming together so nicely.

Could it be that I have doubt

In my mind that these things,

Being hard to find,

Don't last long, and so I should worry about

The fate that lies ahead,

And what I would rather do instead

Of living like I'm blind.

It's not a question,

But a statementleft unfinished

Revealing feelings that can hardly

With time be diminished.

I am not one to dwell so much in the past,

I guess this time a part of me

Still wishes what existed then would last.

This is my way of trying to say good-bye

To the days when nothing is good enough

And I constantly wonder why

I can't have life the way I want it

When it's clear nobody has that chance;

All that there is left to live for

Is roaming and romance.

Too separate things, though both I've known

It's hard for me to see them

Capable of existing well alone.

They accomplish different things,

But neither one is true.

They aim at opposite ends,

Both of which are the source of all my rue.

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