The Moon and the Sea

Mysterious and ephemeral as the last phase of the moon,

I am awaiting something new

In the midst of stars dissipating into the night sky

So soon.

An enigma like a subtle question mark

Eclipsing the face of the sun

Glows with light imperceptible

Until, in the sky, it is the only one.

I often find myself in a solitary station,

Merely reflecting the greatest star in the sky.

I need to discover who I am in relation

To the blue green planet closest by.

For now I’ll be the moon in September,

Contemplating the depth of a clear autumn night

And hoping that there will be much to remember,

More in the future than from hindsight.

Ghostly and filmy the mists swath me close

I am waiting longer still

For something placid or bellicose

Something to evoke a feeling of bliss

It is in the extremes that I best find this.

Clouds drifting like derelicts off in the sea,

Lulled by the lilting lullabies of sirens like me

How can it be almost two years later, in July,

And I still have yet to uncover my own reason why

Loneliness is the state of my soul,

So someone answer my question

Or stay and make me whole.

Polaris is beaming, but I do not know where to go

There is a destination, but no map on which it can show.

Am I the moon after all, forever doomed alone?

With naught but the stars to taunt me in constellations

While I wait for the sun to take over the daily stations

How can I be in love with the one who is so far?

You burn me out of sight

I am blinded by you, the most fiery star.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The second part was written on July 19, 2005 in response to the first part, a poem I wrote in September of 2003.

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