Inspired by an asshole

My love has been returned to me

In the same form in which I sent it.

You make me feel like less than a human being,

And I like it.

You put me in my place, down in despair where I belong.

I can keep writing tortuous verses till kingdom come

Knowing that it never will if not by my own accord,

My future is in my hands,

But it does not include you, who has slipped away so conveniently

Into the dark phosphorescence of your reptilian inner cavity.

I have offered my heart intact and been given it back,

The only damage that has been done is my own,

For putting faith in futility, where you added desolation to desire.

I hate to say I'd rather you still had my heart to tamper,

My mind to play those games we both know so well,

But what I say is true.  Take all of me,

And own me.

I'd rather that than know you do not care if I ever breathed.

Beat and batter me, so I can feel

Your omnipresence in my life,

The only narcotics I'll ever need.

If Satan exists, you are him

You are only immortal, dear Lord of depravity,

Because you feed on the innocence of souls like mine.

I wish I could make you go away, ward you off,

I wish you had never existed.

Since I know that you do and you always will,

Haunt my soul and tear apart my heart.

Isn't destruction the best place for creation to start?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was half-written by my dear roommate Chas.  Just for kicks, my friends, just for kicks.

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