Someone Like You

I have my skeptical moments

When I honestly do not know

What it is I see in you that is so great,

So if you'll bear with me,

I don't have far to go- let me elaborate.

I shall try to make sense of why

I only think of you when I meet a new date.

Dear, when you smiled I lit up from inside,

And when we would talk

You showed you had nothing to hide.

Those times you were lost

In heavy thoughts unbound,

All other cares aside you tossed;

You only needed me around.

Now I'm aware that I was mistaken,

Could it really be

That someone like you could ever really love

Someone like me?

Since you went back

To the girl you knew before

And parted just as easily,

I would like to know who it is

You are looking for.

Someone like you is rare in kind,

Someone like you I never thought I would find,

And if it be possible

That there are more like you,

I still wouldn't settle

Unless there love were more true,

Because you are still the only one

Who helped prove I can love

Not just for fun.

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