The heart beats true

Dream of me dear, dream on some more,

Let your heart well up,

Though your spirit be poor.

Dream of how it could have been

Had we never gone apart,

Relish in the promises unspoken

That could yet have a chance to start.

Don't you leave me,

Don't move on just yet.

I know that's something you've already done,

But remember how you told me

You would not forget.

That was my request-

The only one I gave to you-

It's not too late and the time is right

To open your eyes anew

To that once beautiful sight.

When love abounds and feelings unfold,

And passion fills the forge

With fire to mold

Two hearts that now share

A love deep and rare;

It wasn't like that before,

But what can now impair

us if we choose at last to respond

To the call it's time to renew,

From where that call is derived

Neither then we knew,

Nor must we know it now

As long as the heart beats true.

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