What I want for you and me

I don't want to think I keep lying to myself

About there being hope for me and you

And what together we can do.

Even though it has yet to be begun,

I'd be your renewing breath,

Your comfort in pain;

You'd be my source of strength and health

If I can but have you once again.

I need to find a way,

More crafty and more coy

My love for you has made me mad,

Walking in circles, a wind-up toy.

The only signals I wish to send

Are ones that, if you care,

You'll comprehend,

And if it means anything at all to you,

Then don't pretend.

I've had enough with trial and error, you see,

I just want to love and for you to love me.

Be it not possible, I must let you go,

I want you more than is safe for you to know,

But I'm afraid that we may both have to grow.

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