Make up your mind dear,

We don't have time to lose,

If I haven't made it crystal clear

It's because neither of us can decide

How best our time to use.

I know not how you feel;

So much is left up in the air

I'm starting to wonder

When these games will end

And we'll both be honest

And to our feelings tend

About whether or not we care.

You see, I've waited this long,

With heavy a heart and

Hardly a hindrance of hope,

That since I've been there,

If not from the very beginning,

Then to the fringed ends of this rope.

And I'll let you know now

That I will be there

To do what no one else has done.

Those very same heartstrings

No one thought to repair

I'll mend and make sing

What you've long wanted sung,

And make sure that no other can ever compare.

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