The Worth of Inebriation

I have filled my body with too many sensations

In a futile attempt to appease with poor compensations,

And now I can't sleep unless it be something I will;

After all I have done, it is hard to be still.

I'm bursting, I'm brimming

Not with the life I once knew,

But with cheaper indulgence

That helps me pull through.

At the end of the day as at the break of the dawn,

I'm aware all of a sudden of how far away I have gone.

There is little that's left worth any commendation,

It is hardly enough just to sit out the duration

When there is so much better

That could occupy my time

Than mulling over stale losses

And paying them off with smaller cents than a dime.

Life's pleasures are simple,

Its pains have proven more complex,

And sometimes I wonder

if it's worth waiting for what is next.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is not about any chemical substances, just emotions (what else!)

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