Thoughts for Sale

Thoughts for sale, they need a good home

Thoughts for sale, they have nowhere to go

Thoughts on sale,

For a nickel less make them your own

Thoughts on sale, plant them and watch them grow.

Thoughts for dirt cheap,

'Cause that's where they belong

Such lovely things grow from the ground,

So you can't go wrong.

Thoughts for dirt cheap, what do you say?

For five cents off,

When a nickel was all I asked you to pay.

Thoughts for sale, I guess I need a new pitch

Thoughts for sale, now they're down in the ditch

Would it help if I told you they grow better free?

Could you ever have expected me to attach a price

For something not even fit for charity

(Though the intent would be nice)

No one even considers why I sell my words-

My self

So here's an explanation and a toast to your health,

Though not in that order

If I can have that my say, my wealth

Cheers to the children who except what is granted,

And as for my thoughts,

They have never been planted

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For what it's worth, it's worth nothing.

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