A perfect couple are they

Envied by those not so fortunately bound

But in every human relationship

There is always something yet to be found.

I will not proclaim myself worthy

Of filling this void and bearing the title

That comes with being the secret passage

Into your clandestine domicile.

In a dream she smiled at me

Encouraging my participation

Laughingly he tossed his head

And let me share in their recreation.

Our bodies melded close

Stronger as an alloy than plain precious metal

Melting into one solid form

A trio partaking in this act regrettable.

Warmth spreads like a blanket

Over flesh all but touching through our clothes

What good is love not shared between two?

But three is all the merrier I suppose.

Entice me with your passionate foray,

Welcome me, an outsider, into this game you both play.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is purely for fun and under no circumstances an actual occurence.  I don't even remember who I was writing about, of if it was anyone in particular.

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