A Will to Feed

I'm brimming with words to say,

But the ideas aren't even there

I can easily define the emotions,

Though I couldn't make sense if I dare

This wasn't supposed to happen

I wasn't ready to lose my head

My heart is still intact,

But it's determined to see me dead.

The springtime of lust came in like a lion,

And instead of going out like a lamb,

it's continually building up its momentum,

Ready to fell me like a battering ram.

This heart that was my stronghold

Was not meant to yield to any woman or man;

I merely sought to seek pleasure unfettered

Renouncing romance wherever I can.

And now I see I missed my moment

If indeed it was ever there

And now I realize there's too much in me

That wants so much for someone to care.

I have enough love within me,

An inexhaustible supply,

Now I wonder why I never showed it,

I had the oppportunity; I let it pass--but why?

You were not looking and neither was I,

But now you've found the perfect girl

To meet your every voracious need

And here I hunger all the while

Wishing my will you would feed.

I'd give you everything

But would it be enough?

I am not the girl you've been dreaming of.

You could own me, I'd give body and soul

My heart's already yours to have while it is still whole.

No, I won't let go, it's the last I have,

My intellect has abandoned me,

It is no longer a healing salve.

My spirit is weak and my will has been waylaid

My desire is all that is left,

And it seems only for you it was made.

I've tried so hard to move on,

And considering I have no other choice,

I can't decide where my heart should abide

I lose it a little more every time I hear your voice.

I'm not even sure there's a trace of hope,

It should not matter, but I'm at the end of my rope,

And I want you to catch me if I fall

If I could only will you to take every part of me, all!

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