A series of loosely related words

It would be so easy to determine my feelings for you

If hate were involved.

I could despise you, disdain you, detest or abhor you.

There would be immeasurable quantities of the highest quality

scorn and wrath, antipathy, resentment, hostility, distaste and disgust,

For perhaps I'd have some reason to be angry,

But I'm not.

How could I be when I crave you, adore you, worship you, mourn you,

When I'm inspired, titillated, fascinated, and so tired

Of loving you like I have never loved before.

It's true that I need you, I want you so much as to taunt you,

To tease you and please you, at the very least, appease you,

Perhaps to provoke you, evoke you, anything baby to fill this void

Where you once existed and now no longer are.

Did you know you're my star?

I'd be lying if I said I didn't want you for my own reasons,

But once my desire has been met,

You'd be the man for all seasons,

And I'd do anything for you.

I can't help but hold high expectations,

After all, I know with whom I'm dealing,

And I no longer have any reservations.

The only words I want to hear are the ones you speak.

There's something about them that makes me grow weak.

And I can't help but wonder what you'd think if you knew

How great is my hunger, and then what you'd do.

Would it mean anything to you, or would I be one among many?

Would it make any difference if I waited one more year on twenty?

My soul cries out for you, as if you were God.

Either my passion is strong or my religious faith is flawed.

Dear one, come to me, and satisfy my desire,

And I'll sate yours till overflowing,

And out of giving will never tire.

Savage beauty unseen, barbaric peace I can't glean,

You fulfill me- this I know-and though want of you empties me,

Back to you again I go.

It's enough just to know that I haven't lost you completely,

But insatiable am I, and I long to love you sweetly.

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