Depraved and deprived

Eros, you dwell in him

With fire in his loins and ice in his heart

Before long it will shatter,

And how will you feel?

I could be your analyst, I know you so well.

You also know me inside and out, as far as I can tell.

There's still more to you that I'll never know,

And all the time in the world for my love to grow.

Damn that corrosive word!

I pray I'll hear it again in a passionate embrace-

A mere mortal in the presence of the divine-

A look of rapture spanning your sinner's face.

I don't know if you're aware that I feel this way,

But I'm warning you I'll keep feeling it forever and a day.

Exquisite beauty, precious primordial power,

Untamed will, and refined grace;

Beginning with a moment, increasing hour by hour,

No god whom I know will be able this sin to erase.

The way I love you is enough to kill,

And if it's not returned, you can be sure I'll enjoy the thrill.

There is nothing as strong as my sheer infatuation,

As lucid as my transcendental adoration,

And the love which from therein grew is a most torrential inundation,

Made fatal by an ever deepening wound laced with the venom

Of your impassive isolation.

I want to be yours, I'll let you own me

I want to be your slave,

My soul you can deprave.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Twisted love.

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