The Late Show

6-The Weird Stuff

I took you out to the late show last night

and we couldn't believe what we saw.

Hungry-eyed people standing in line,

but none of them could care at all.

When we got to our seats the lights went out.

Everyone got quiet and stared.

No one said a single word. No, nobody dared.

Things were going great for a little while.

Then greed raised its ugly head.

People had the answer but they wanted more instead.

It seemed like it'd be forever before they ran out of luck.

They'd sell their souls for the love of a lousy buck.

And the gap got bigger and bigger.

And at the top of the hill they would fight.

Each one telling the other that their way was right.

Then a bright light flashed across the screen.

I heard the man behind us ask out loud 'what does it mean?'

I saw one or two people get caught in between.

And some about as humble as a king or a queen

on their knees begging to die.

The movie's final scene was dramatic.

We knew it would be that way.

I'd tell you more about it but I don't want to give it away.

And then the late show was over.

The credits rolled and it got dark.

I took you home, but first we stopped by the park.

Our lips met and it was like magic.

And I held on tightly to you.

And we made love so beautifully until the late show came true.

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