Somewhere Between Reality and Fantasy

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I had a dream about you last night.

And I don't even know who you are.

A vision that stood out so bright.

A wish upon a star.

I can't wait to fall back into a deep sleep

so I can be with you again.

Somewhere between reality and fantasy.

I've seen life in the backwards motel

somewhere next to the monastery.

I've seen a woman who worked so hard

I think it was hereditary.

I've seen people that seemed so strange

that it really was kind of scary.

And then I've been so close to love

and found out it was the contrary.

I've seen love so strong it took me by the hand

and led me to the cemetery.

And I've seen someone who didn't have a clue

but the feelings were hard to bury.

I've seen things I'm not sure I understand

that you won't find in any dictionary.

And I've seen people so hurt that I couldn't help

but feel like a missionary.

I've seen the way it is when you're too young to drink

but way to old to carry.

I've been down the aisle with someone

I wasn't really ready to marry.

I've seen santa Claus, the Easter bunny

and the tooth fairy.

Somewhere between reality and fantasy.

I know I'll dream about you tonight.

And I'll find out where you're hiding soon.

Some people would love to erase the past

but I could never play that tune.

And I don't think it will matter too much in a little while.

Somewhere between reality and fantasy.

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