A Touch of Red

6-The Weird Stuff

I've been through too much in this lifetime,

traveled down so many strange roads.

I remember being young and having so much to do,

if I think back too long, my head might explode.

I stayed up way too late too many nights,

the sun was up before I got to bed.

My body was filled with too much caffeine

and the whites of my eyes glazed with a touch of red.

Nothing in my love life ever seemed to go right.

Everything has always been such a mess.

I had two searches going on at the same time,

one for righteousness and one for happiness.

On nights when things really should have felt all right

things felt kind of funny instead.

The weather's not right, the humidity's up.

The sky's a dark shade of blue with a touch of red.

The lowest point of my life just showed up one day.

I was all alone and couldn't think straight.

It was so hard to deal with anything at all

for about seven months, or maybe eight.

It was a day when the whole world felt really dark

I really did wish that I was dead.

When the blood oozed out I just lost my nerve.

The T-shirt around my arm was all white with a touch of red.

I found the perfect woman after looking all my life.

But I couldn't spend much time with her at all.

At least we made the best of our time apart

by spending hours on the phone when she would call.

I wish that girl could be with me right now,

thoughts of her are running through my head.

I want to run my fingers all through her hair.

That beautiful hair that was long and dark

with a touch of red.

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