8-Old Stuff

The wind blows calmly and the sky lights up so bright.

It's another lazy, hot, uncomfortable summer night.

She's dressed so perfect, looks so good.

It starts to rain again, and I understood


Long blonde hair flows looking just like a dream.

Testing my character, making me want to scream.

They're shooting down the flowers,

shooting down love.

But we can never quite reach for enough


Thinking about life and heaven and toxic waste.

Thinking about faith and how her lips would taste.

Thinking about standing up in the crowd.

Holding her close and laughing out loud.


You swallow a camel but you strain at a little gnat.

Knowing that you really never want to be like that.

You see her on the street and you ask her why

if she turns around again you think you'll die from


I know that sometime I'm gonna give in to you.

But just giving in isn't really what I'm supposed to do.

One of these days I'll make you glad.

She's the best lover that I've ever had.


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