Soul Searchin'

8-Old Stuff

There's something burning again, see the smoke

as it darkens what's left of the blue sky.

I swear it's like some people never learn.

My heart's been broken again, but this time

there aren't any tears left for me to cry.

I guess there's more than one way to burn.

And I've got the whole world on my mind again tonight....

doin' some soul searchin'.

It's a quarter to six and I can't think to straight,

I haven't had a minutes sleep all night.

On the horizon I can see the sun.

I met a little girl who told me last night that

everything would someday be all right.

Could it be that she's the one.

And every one of these girls has her own little piece of my soul.

And I'm doin' some soul searchin'.

So many egocentric people in the world today,

that just looking around can drive you nuts.

It's just gotten so hard to trust.

Standing up and running against the current

is the one thing that shows you really do have guts.

Leave everyone in the dust.

And the more I look around the more I don't want to be like


So I'm doin' some soul searchin'.

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