Where the Tigers Play

8-Old Stuff

You laughed when I said I thought I had you all figured out.

You laughed when I said that I knew your wicked game.

People see right through your lies.

And your nice guy disguise,

and they spent all day.

Looking down at the dome by the lake

where the tigers play.

You manipulate with fear and your lies are your sole ambition.

You're so high tech you must not sleep well at night.

See the sunrise from your yacht,

pretending you're something you're not.

And it'll be okay.

'Cause by tomorrow you'll be feeling right at home

where the tigers play.

You can see paradise from the hill next to homeless alley.

And you can see fire from the mansion by the hill.

But you can't even see the light,

with all your muscle and might.

But then again you may.

But you too scared to come out of the den

where the tigers play.

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