8-Old Stuff

I'm looking at your face and I think I'm gonna love you forever.

Then I think a minute and I wonder if that's true.

I don't really know if love is something

that sticks around that long.

Or just feels right when it's new.

It's unpredictable. Are we gonna fall in love?

It's unpredictable. Does anybody really care?

The world is still spinning today. And I tell you it'll be okay,

But it's unpredictable. We may go nowhere.

I thought I loved a girl from another country.

But I woke up to a face that I didn't know.

The sun was shining like a candle

on the horizon last Thursday.

And the moon was rising slow.

It's unpredictable. Like a sci-fi movie.

It's unpredictable. Like a fourth down play.

It's like a train rolling down the track,

circling for the attack.

It's unpredictable. Will we make it through the day?

Twenty million people asleep and dreaming about you.

Twenty million people, every one of them thinks they're right.

I don't know how twenty million people

could possibly all be wrong.

So let's just call it a night.

It's unpredictable. It can start to drive you crazy.

It's unpredictable. Is anybody really sane?

With people going off to war,

who don't know what they're fighting for.

It's unpredictable. Do you think it's gonna rain?

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