Not For Me


Sunday evening, locusts crying.

Seems my life is slowly dying.

I need to get back on track

but I can't even find the train.

Driving slowly, searching for something.

Trying to will the phone to ring.

When it feels like you've lost it all

it must mean something's left to gain.

Finding true love makes the needle in the haystack

cliche sound easy.

The white surrender flag is about to be unfurled.

But somehow I manage to keep my hopes high for one

more day.

I know that low self esteem is the strongest afrodisiac

in the world.

It's dark now, there's stuff to do.

But I'm trying hard to start anew.

And trying even harder to face reality this time.

Thinking so hard my brain hurts.

Someone passes me by and flirts.

But my soulmate won't be someone that simple to find.

Because a pretty girl's not for me.

And an ugly girl's not for me.

And a girl I can't trust can never be for me.

A nice girl's not for me.

And a bad girl's not for me.

And a normal girl's not for me.

And a party girl's not for me.

A narrow minded, hypocritical, materialistic girl

is not for me.

A manic depressive, large obsessive,

redneck, pain in the neck,

cheerleader, meat eater,

right wing, ding a ling,

crack user, verbal abuser, false accuser,

really greedy, desperately needy, kind of seedy girl,

she's not for me.

But somewhere my dream girl is out there just for me.

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