Rebel With Too Many Causes

6-The Weird Stuff

I walked out one cloudy morning

just to see what I could find.

I found things that helped my body.

I found things that helped my mind.

They asked if I found true love.

I said I love the earth and sky.

Sometimes love for more ethereal things

can be stronger than the love between a girl and a guy.

Sometimes hiding behind thick walls

doesn't seem to be too smart.                

But locking all your doors  

is better than locking up your heart.        

If love is a battlefield

then I must be a P.O.W.

Sometimes it can be so hard      

just to say the words I love ya.                                                                

Sometimes I stop and wonder  

why I'm here all by myself.                                  

but it's better to be alone by myself    

then to be alone with someone else.

Overcome anger by love,

Overcome evil by good.  

Do good to those who hate you,

then I'll know you understood.            

There's not a lot to worry about

just as long as you can love.                                      

If you just can't let it out

then life can really get to be rough.

The poor, the sick, the suffering,

They are all friends of mine.

If we all just pull together      

then someday we will all be fine.      

I guess I'll stay in the game  

until the wins outnumber the losses.        

Sometimes I feel like I'm a

rebel with too many causes.

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