I'm OK


You sent an angel to me that said to be strong.

I had no idea the pain would go on this long.

I want to move on to another phase.

I want to set the whole town ablaze.

But I can't seem to get to where I need to be,

maybe i just need to wait another day.

No, I'm ok.

I don't want her to die, but part of her is already dead.

Lost long before she ever lay on that hospital bed.

She never seems to learn from past mistakes.

Now she rides a downward spiral without any brakes.

And I just can't seem to get her where she needs to be.

Maybe I should just stay away.

Still, I'm ok.

When someone's set to self destruct

there's not a lot you can do.

But turning around someone's life

is up to them, not you.

You can't put it all on your shoulders  

if someone elst doesn't pull through.

You sent the resources to me to get me by all right.

I can clear my mind so I can sleep at night.

I'm not sure if I know what to do,

but at least I can tell what not to.

That'll slowly get me where I need to be.

It's a debt I have to pay.

But I'm ok.

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