The End or The Beginning

6-The Weird Stuff

If I was dying and all you could do was sit and watch

would you leave and let me deal with my own demons?

Would you comfort me, secretly wishing I would just get it over with?

Would you cry for me with empathetic tears?

Or would you emit all your love into the room and let me absorb it?

It doesn't matter if you're on one knee

or sitting crosslegged 'neath a lotus tree.

Here's the really big discovery:

Open your heart and know that love's the key.

The crossroads are never a place I enjoy.

There's always a chance of being blindsided.

So I watch myself from every angle.

Then something drops out of the sky and knocks me out.

All my heart is good for anymore is beating

and sometimes that beating gets on my nerves.

It's a long, hard journey filled with love and fear and despair

and hope and hanging by a thread.

And I'm just trying as hard as I can to keep that thread from

breaking for as long as I can.        

A rotting skull lying by the sea          

said someday, boy, you're gonna look like me.

I passed him with a look of apathy.  

And said there's nothing that I have to be.

If I was living would you pass me by      

not being able to identify with me.

Or would you join me              

and enjoy the ride.                                



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