Another Daze Past

6-The Weird Stuff

Another daze past.

And still I don't know the use of it.

Another day's past.

Filled with all the same old shit.

Each day my mind gets scrambled

and my heart gets hard.

Just trying to pick the winning card.

Oh god, it's so hard, help me it's too hard.

Another day's past.

That mean's I'm twenty four hours closer to death.

Another daze past.

Just let me stop and catch my breath.

Sometimes we run around crazy.

Sometimes we're bored.

I'd do anything if I could afford

to waste the time.

Give me more.

But I don't really want more.

If I could get to next year without seeing tomorrow.

Just cut out a little of the pain and sorrow.

Another day's past.

It does that to me every day.

Another daze past.

That's the way it's going to stay.

Things will always be rotten so I'll be okay.

Another day's past.

And man I haven't even heard.

Another daze past.

So many years and not one word.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Maybe tomorrow will be worse.

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