The Unborn Hero


'The Unborn Hero'

Who will comfort that last crying child, when the world burns to ash? Who will save humanity when that last person sells out, trading away their soul as an excuse to live comfortable? Locking their doors with a whisper of a prayer that the demons in uniform kicks down some other door. Huddled in fear as their shadows dance on the wall casting a glimmer of hope as if trapped in another dimension far far away.

Does your mind travel when you close your eyes? Fields of green, and skies of baby blue? Music and laughter flowing through the air like soft waves of a gentle current. The hate and the anger quickly fades, washed away by that sudden touch of love. It was this dream that keeps hope alive. That through the storm and riptide you will not drown, but you know you will and yet you still struggle to overcome the sorrow that wants nothing more then to see you fail.


Who will be left when those demons breach the very last bastion of faith? Stealing and crushing the heart and soul of all that is pure. Where innocence is lost, destroys the unborn hero.

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