daddy isn't here

You were there when I needed you
to catch me if I'd fall
But daddy didn't love me
he didn't care at all

When I was sick, you cured me
made sure I was ok
but daddy never did that
because he went away

you put me in this life
and were always there for me
but daddy wasn't there
it was hard for him to see

I was tucked into bed
and was kissed good-night
but daddy was never there
to turn off the light

you held me close to you
every time I fell
But daddy didn't crack
he stayed inside his shell

so thank you mom, for being there
even if daddy's away
I'm always here to be with you
because I know you're here to stay

I love you, mom, with all my heart,
so please don't leave my side
don't turn into daddy,
because daddy lied

I will always be your helper,
I will always be your friend
just let me know
that your mother's comfort will never end

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