In your mind..

In your mind..I want to fine..there your love..I think of..To have your body..and to share..its all love..that I care..
Deep in you..I want to do..with my your bed..Seduce your mind..that I find..I can do..for you, to shine..
OOOh so will you..all of me..Letting your will set free..
Thats just me..watching you..let you flow..your love so..In your eyes..I will your will be..
Taking you..all the big will stay..Having you..through and what I like..when Im with you..
Let your mind go..set it free..put your love..all over me..This I want..let you see..loving you..I set free..
Taking you..I would do..give my all..loving you..That is me..let it be..its who I, Im free..
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