A Beautiful Message

A beautiful message..so lovely my friends..I will send it..again and again..

To make you smile..I send my love..thinking of you..and him above..

That, true friendship..in our hearts..thats the place..our love starts..

A thing of beauty..that we share..theres always love..to show we care..

Its all a blessing..this I know..The love he shows us..its all so..

We hold and pray..this I say..he lets us see..another day..

The things he says..its all true..we take his hand..and follow to..

With each other..hand in hand..it makes us strong..through the land..

Don't look down..just look up..with his love..he fills our cup..

Peace and joy..is what he brings..he fills our hearts..he hears us sing..
Its the beauty..the thoughtfulness..that he sends us..is such bliss..

With love and friendship..let it be..at the end..he sets us free..

Through our lifes..our aim is good..stay on track..like we should..

Thinking of you..this I do..God Bless, stay safe..the whole year through..

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