All the way..

Like the the sky..your sweet love..keeps me high..
Your love and kisses..that you send..loving sweet friend..
This is my love you make you smile..make it sound..
Thinking of you..the way I do..your tender love..I would take to..
All the way..this I hold you tight..make your day..
Tasting you..your lips in my arms..I would hold you..
The message..that you send me..the friends we are..I let it be..
Your a sweetheart..this I know..Its your voice..I love it so..
Love and kisses..I send your make you smile..make your day..
Loving you..I could do..taking you..the whole night through..
I don't hold back..I never do..its who I am..loving you..
Thinking of you..this I send..lots of love..for you friend..
All your beauty..that I see..your as can be..
I dream to love you..I could do..having break through..
To have and hold..tight you see..give my love..for you to see..
Love and the end..loving my friend..  
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